What is Burr or Burl wood

September 15, 2022

What is Burr or Burl wood

In essence its a growth that's get into wood making a dome like bulge on a trunk of many trees oak, walnut or ash are all common. Burl used in parts of America.

This rapid growth gives an intense swirling design to the wood and is much prized by veneer and furniture makers as it gives this finely grained timber.

This has been popular since even the 16th century, where in these early days 1/4 inch veneers were used as this was about the least thickness that could be cut, later with better steel and higher powered machines veneers could be made paper thin.

English and European walnut has always been one of the most popular, next time you go into a wood and see an ancient tree and you see the large lump on the side you'll know what that is and actually how common it is on older trees.

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