History of Cloisonne

August 12, 2020

History of Cloisonne
Funny enough a French word for want best known as a Chinese art, Cloisonne or cloisons means cage in French, so a brass frame or cloison was applied to the outside of a vase, the better quality ones were often silver, so the frames were applied fixed to an item often a vase but really could be anything, and then flooded of filled with enamel, anyone who has ever fired enamel or pottery glaze will know, the whole material becomes liquid and will just make a turgid melange of colour. Use of the cloisons means you can make an intricate design and add other materials like mica or jewels or precious metals.
With all things the finer the decoration and the finer or more valuable the material the higher the price and with cloisonne size tends to influence price you can literally find floor vases 8 feet high 2.5 meters.
Condition maters, you can get restored almost inviisbly but bear damage in mind this material wont bounce.

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