1% inspiration 99% perspiration.

May 15, 2021

1% inspiration 99% perspiration.

Top Banana Antiques certainly does this, we open longer hours than any other centres and we are in 1.5 hours everyday before opening at a minimum to get things done so working well once open.

Whilst all our dealers are hard workers, Sundays, Bank Holidays, early mornings etc, Phil and Sue Brough of Lomond Antiques get the prize, not only do they graft, they do pretty well every antiques venue in south of the UK buying for our shop, but they also present it well, ALL their brass and copper is well polished, by well I mean thoughtfully polished by hand to make it look nice without wrecking it.

They come to shop normally every 2 days with fresh quality stock and as a consequence are consistently one of our super star sellers, search on website Lomond Antiques several hundred items to see (697 live on website), 4 cabinets, picture gallery and room to see. Well done you 2 and inspiration to all of us.


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