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Working very well

October 13, 2020

Working very well

Thank-you to all our sales people you're working very well .There is an efficient busy atmosphere, with a cheery informative helpful "can do" attitude . Items are being listed  online consistently and competently, the odd hooter of Italian parlance which makes us chuckle like explaining George the 5th is not the Georgian period ie,1714 to 1836.English is a very confusing language and often hard to explain the subtle nuisances.

More importantly we would like to thank our buyers, customers, clients and friends for that indomitable British spirit , you seem determined to shop with us as a matter of pride , people of all ages glasses steamed up from mask wearing determined not to be beaten by the media and all the highly confusing information.

Seemingly most of London seems to have evacuated to various hotel and holiday house luckily Tetbury and the surrounding area is beautiful highly accessible safe and open , Tetbury its self has so much to offer , 3 good deli, restaurants to suit all , hotels to suit all , beautiful  and its shop, Westonbirt arboretum, Top Banana Antiques Mall .,even 2 good fish and chip shops,4 pubs.

Top Banana Antiques Mall, 5 floors ,25 rooms, big safe spacious , 35 people rating the biggest in Tetbury, 

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