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Why is it hard on most antique websites to buy anything under £1000

February 01, 2021

Why is it hard on most antique websites to buy anything under £1000

Simple, there are millions of great antiques under £1000, lots under a tenner, lots in our shop.

But it costs a lot to list items online not least of all time.

If you are not buying from a private website ie owned by the seller, then someone is paying fees, I am afraid it will be you the buyer, some websites charge as much as 22%, same as auctions charge both the buyer and seller, websites such as Amazon, ebay, Selling Antiques, First Dibs, Etsy, the list goes on & on (wonder why there are so many) all charge the seller fees. 

However, we sell items as low as £18 - £8500 online, with free post mostly, worldwide. Not because we are stupid but we work hard all in house to make sure we keep costs down to list a huge range of items.

Over 4000 items listed, all guaranteed items under 10 kg / 22 lbs free post worldwide.

All our items guaranteed to be correctly described and any damage etc stated. I looked at various website recently all items were between £500 to £3,0000, and every item of furniture seemed to be £1000, in my opinion for items that should of been in the low hundreds, the great thing is then you can have a search around and compare items and prices. While its impossible to know everything you can also get a general feel if goods are being described well and if the represent good value to you. 

Often items particularly bronzes etc are described as antique when they are not, we try very hard to avoid reproductions in our shop, however if you spot these on websites it will give you a feel of how the other stock is being listed etc.

Lastly and most importantly even our website can only give you a flavour of what we sell its far better if you see several things you like to come along to the shop, in our case huge 5 floors 25 rooms approx. 60 dealers, wont be so long until we are open.

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