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Why have a cage for a grass hopper?

June 07, 2024

Why have a cage for a grass hopper?

Whilst the Chinese were not the only race to collect Grass hoppers and place in small cage to listen to then "sing" it was a popular pastime.

As was and is keeping small song birds where the tradition in China even today still exists of taking your caged bird for a walk in the park to get some fresh air and sing.

Pets are often a symbol of wealth and status and whilst i suspect crickets and grass hoppers didn't enter this race caged birds were chosen for there song and plumage.

The cages however for the winged insects often could be very glamorous and of course are highly collectable, even made in pottery and porcelain as well as ivory bone would and fine precious metals.

Sometimes really very small only 8 cm or 3" long. Suspect for travel to have "music" when on the move.

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