Why does the High Street Jewller charge so much more than an antiques shop

January 13, 2023

Why does the High Street Jewller charge so much more than an antiques shop

Pictured antique 15ct stopped being made in 193,3 40 points of diamonds ring £450 guaranteed fully returnable and free post via www.topbananaantiques.com

Its a well known fact that pre-loved or antique is so much better value than new. Buy a new car and as you leave garage instantly 40 % less. Now of course there is a particular joy (one I don't share) of owning an item that is new and new to you and you exclusively.

However I am of the opposite opinion a family item or an item with history appeals far more and offers often better quality of workmanship. In fact 99% of high street jewellery is brought from a catalogue by the jeewller, in a range of sizes and colour of stones, a large percentage profit is then added. A ring we sell for £200 will be in excess of £1000 and an £800 in Top Banana Antiques will be £5850 in the High Street.

Why mostly profiterring and of course newly made item cost more to make today than 100 years ago. In our shop we offer a choice of highly cleaned ready to go jewllery and also more cost effective out of a house or private call, uncleaned ready to wear. There is almost no difference between an ultrsound cleaned ring say 40 years old as opposed to a brand new one except price, often rings can be less than ten years old. ( of course we have 200 year old rings too)

One thing do carefully check claws on solitaire rings and mounts on collette rings for wear and damage all these can easily be sorted but important. if buying a brooch highly recomend to buy an additional saftey chain too if not one fitted. We can do a detailed receipt too for both peace of mind and insurance, and of course we are all bound by the salke of goods act, and all website items have a full no quibble garentee and return policy.

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