Why do we work better

October 18, 2020

Why do we work better

Two things set Top Banana apart , one dealer one room , different to nearly every antiques centre, Two we have independent motivated staff.

First one self explanatory, but the later , ill explain. We pay independent staff a proper wage, not Babs the hard bitten late middle aged dealer doing a favour on the cheap , or resentful that shes doing a duty day, where the first thing she does is sigh and second is say no. Mostly as she's jealous that her worn out stale stock is not selling and she resents Zachery's selling commercial stock at a sensible realistic price as he has to drive to get out there and search for decent goods, she's not going to help him sell. Perhaps you know her believe me I have met her, and her sisters in many shops.

Our staff try to say yes , when ever possible , most of our dealers try to say yes if at all possible .We are happy to send emails, pictures , move stuff up and down the building and most of all smile and laugh.

No wonder daily people say to us that Top Banana Antiques Mall is their favourite shop .

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