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Why do opals vary so much in price ?

December 17, 2020

Why do opals vary so much in price ?

Quality of stones is the easy answer.

Opals are often triplets or doublets, you will co into a lot of centres and see normally silver jewellery with bright fiery blue opals these are reconstituted, ill explain.

single natural dug stone like in picture , this is a natural stone dug form rock and then made into a cabochon , domed stone , this has natural light and fire .

Doublet , of these are done for blue or black opal ,by putting a black backing on the stone add fire depth to the blue.

Triplet same but very thin layer of opal with 2 more layer of colour to improve the look .

Finally reconstituted stones these are ground up tiny shards of opal added to resin to look like a natural stone.

Perhaps you get what you pay for , however antiques trade is very contrary just because expensive doesn't mean good and vice a versa, this brooch is £100 gold and antique single natural 3 carat opal , to quote a famous antiques dealer "cheap as chips", where as a lot of places will have cabinets full of reconstituted opals at £50 to £100 , and these will be brand new , assume made in china copies to look like the real thing.

Oh it so confusing i here you say , not really buy from a trusted source , get a receipt if doubtful get stones checked , we at Top Banana Antiques Mall guarantee all our online items , we test all our stones and will not knowingly sell anything  misdescribed and if we make an error we will rectify with a no quibble refund 

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