Why do most of us buy things

September 17, 2022

Why do most of us buy things

Need, greed and desire.

Mostly however as a reminder of things, why now does a Ford Sierra Cosworth make so many thousands, because all the chaps in their teens wanted one, couldn't afford it now they can so they buy it make them feel young, satisfied and happy and now too boot the value goes up and up as people want and desire it.

Many antique buyers hate with a vengeance the thing their parents had, and love the things that their grandparents had. Most of us will never in the future think of Paddington Bear without thinking of our dear Queen Elizabeth, let alone marmalade.

This is why we buy things to remind us, and give pleasure in seeing holding feeling and just owning a piece of the past that lifts our soul.The hunt for antiques can sometimes be fruitless, except when you do find the stuff you want it makes the pleasure all the greater.

Scrolling on www.topbananaantiques.com gives you a quick flavour but actually coming in and hunting is the true fun, our shop though busy as big means unlike so many arcades and centres you can take time to hunt and search, there is so much in our shop in a day you could never see it all and every single day new stuff comes in too.

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