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Why do most antiques centres not have a website ?

December 16, 2020

Why do most antiques centres not have a website ?

Correction , why do most antiques centres not have a selling website. Simple answer is a lot of work, and next is lack of confidence in what is being sold , stating correctly what item is , age etc. 

We have 2 people working everyday on the website full time and 2 others part time of course costly, we handle all the postage and hassle including no quibble returns and occasional delivery issues.

Recently after opening their own website , wisely deciding they didn't have time to run it , handed whole website stock over to us to list and deal with, taken 3 days solid work to get onto our site.

We are on the case 7 days a week most questions answered within 6 hours max as staff work staggered hours in uk office hours almost instantly , we post daily have collection by post office and 5 other couriers from our shop and office and we have our own bespoke delivery driver with high speed people carrier or large van .

All items are guaranteed and returnable online without quibble , we do many photos none enhanced or tampered with , and our website is quick and easy to use .

Of course this added hugely to last lockdown enabling dealers to trade even though closed 

lastly we do almost daily improvements to our site with self employed web designer on case as soon as we email her 

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