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Why Antiques

February 12, 2022

Why Antiques

Humans almost since day we were created have collected items to add to their prestige, their strength, and to decorate their homes.

Now whilst we can all see the beauty of a Swaziland tribal knob Kerrie, in the patina feel and workmanship. As society develops the skill of craftsman in making items of object and desire and therefore by default items that are cherished and looked after. The Dutch with their tapestry in the 1600s, French with fine bronzes in the 18th & 19th century, English with fine sterling silver from the 1600s and London made watches and clocks. USA with shaker furniture & China with fine pottery and porcelain, through to Japan with fine lacquer and metal work.

All these items have enhanced, improved and added to peoples lives, and now we too, can get onto the menu by searching out these items to collect and love, in turn protecting for further generations to discover what an egg shaped item with a grill inside is (nutmeg grater), making these items live not just to reside in museums. Even fine antique glass can be still drunk from if carefully used, adding uniqueness to your world, quality and substance. More than often a quality that with today's costs of man power could never be emulated for the price let alone most of these skills are no longer to be found.

Enjoy the journey of collecting, hunting and the joy of adding to your decorations and collections.




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