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When were royal commemoratives items invented?

November 08, 2022

When were royal commemoratives items invented?

I know "The Restoration" sounds like a pub, but actually it really means the restoring of the monarchy after the Civil War where Oliver Cromwell ruled The Commonwealth.

In 1660 King Charles II was restored to the throne, and in celebration the first commemorative pottery was made, in pottery and tin glaze. Mugs were originally the most common but due to use became rarer as broken etc, plates too were made and these all are immensely valuable, as earlier items are. Possibly a bit of a long wait for a Charles and Diana mug to become valuable however obviously rarer examples will be.

The first transfer printed items were in the 1790s made for George III. Here is an example of a Queen Caroline plate, she was the wife of George IV, so we have an early example here.

Like so many antiques part of our social history and fascinating to collect.

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