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What's Mourning jewllery all about

September 09, 2022

What's Mourning jewllery all about

Pre the invention of photographs and face time, one of the main ways of remembering a loved one was by using jewellery, often containing a physical memento of a loved one normally the most beautiful woven hair, some with addition of pearls and gold. Earlier items pre1800 often were painted in a sepia brown paint made from ground up hair.

Often these items rings or brooches had a name and date inscribed into the gold. Often whole families would use one item of jewellery such as a large locket.

Queen Victoria made mourning fashionable about a 40 year affair, with WhitbyJjet being the semi precious jewel of choice. Later pressed horn and vulcanite, a type of very early plastic became more affordable to the masses.

A fantastic and fascinating subject to collect and extremely poignant at the present.

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