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What makes a witches heart charm

March 31, 2024

What makes a witches heart charm

Basically a heart with a tail nearly always slanted to the right, the heart symbol took a slight twist in meaning during the 17th century, in Scotland 'witches heart' or 'Luckenbooth' twisted heart brooches were used as talismans against evil spirits. Once we reached 18th century however, the witches heart symbol evolved to mean "bewitched by love".

Often inlaid with a garnet for blood loyalty but could be and were often inlaid with the lovers birthstone. Such as opal for October, emerald for August etc.

The item pictured is guilloche enamel on 9ct gold c1890, guilloche enamal is made of 9ct gold plated in sterling silver, as enamel will stick better to silver than gold, with a design carved or stamped into the metal to create and additional design once enameled in the translucent enamel glaze.


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