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What is youre time worth, no need for duty days at Top Banana Antiques

June 02, 2021

What is youre time worth, no need for duty days at Top Banana Antiques

We have been at this a long time now, we used to have strictly enforced duty days (to be honest you wouldn't want to be helped by most antique dealers) good at their job but not necessarily dealing with people and stuff.

So, we have motivated manager and standholders who are paid, and paid properly to do a proper job, and have a share of commission too to help motivate sales, unlike most centres who have dealers selling other dealers stuff and to be honest are only interested in selling their own items and as for organising deliveries, collections and adding items to website really a non starter.

On most days we have 2 managers on and often with back up from the owners and of course our standholders too, due to size of shop most days at least 5 dealers bring fresh antiques in.

Our website is a winner selling 24/7 and we also sell and promote a lot via social media, do please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc.

Top Banana Antiques Mall, putting the effort in to make it easier for our dealers to concentrate on what they are good at, which is buying antiques.

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