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What is sterling silver

September 10, 2023

What is sterling silver

We use the word sterling as often in America silver ware means silver plated items.

Americans use the word sterling silver to mean English grade silver of 92.5% or 925 part per 1000 grade. Often in Europe silver is of a lower standard and indeed in Russia too where it tends to be 875 or 87.5%.

Really 925 marked items are not always sterling silver, as easy to replicate. An English full hallmark with date letter assay office and lion on passant or walking lion is guaranteed to be of the age and date stated.

One codicil to this is the Dutch have a rearing lion mark and often Dutch silver is 830 grade. But really not the same as the 3 English Hallmark symbols.

So in essence if you want 925 sterling silver, then an English hallmark is the best way forward.

However 800 grade and other grades to have there place and uses particularity in cutlery but not sterling silver.

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