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What is a Monteith

March 31, 2021

What is a Monteith

The antiques world is full of strange nouns, having mostly guys helping in shop where English is second language and the antiques trade is fairly new to them, explaining quirks like biscuit box not biscuit tin, of course get worse if American as becomes cracker jar or cracker box.

In last few days a coffee pot listed as tea pot, anyway we have some great ones which if in an around the trade your aware of the terms. Drawer leaf table as opposed to pull out drop leaf as opposed to drop flap, Albertina as opposed to ladies watch chain, on and on, wont bore further.

Monteith a unusual word, some words are onomatopoetic like grater or sieve, anyway a monteith is for a large multi course dinner, where one goes from different wines for different course, so the monteith acts as a glass cleaner, you place the stem on the castlealtions and spin the glass in the water there by cleaning you glass for next type of wine.

Of course like adapting antiques make great ice bucket, rose bowl, or just a bowl for fruit, punch, marble eggs what ever works.

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