What is a miniature?

August 10, 2022

What is a miniature?

Perhaps a better title is, what is a miniature painting. No not just a small painting.

Just as today often on a mantle shelf, piano or sideboard people have pictures i.e. photographs. In the past we had miniature portraits, these can go back to the 16th century, most we get these days are from c1790 to 1840 the height of the miniature, the camera was invented in 1852, but didn't impact for some time, obviously one can get 1930s miniatures or later.

In essence these pictures were a way of having a reminder of ones loved ones. There was a naive school too which was a way of making the head and face the main feature, and often were done by the maestro painter when the background bodies done by workers in the same studio.

Many genres of miniatures, from animals, children, even houses and men and ladies, and often military gentlemen too, all make a great field to collect. Sonia Cashman and Lomond Antiques always have a great selection search on www.topbananaantiques.com 

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