What is a marrow spoon for

August 07, 2022

What is a marrow spoon for

Surely any old spoon will do to eat a marrow, one can hear Victorian etiquette falling off its perch.

Of course there is marrow and marrow, a huge bland garden vegetable or bone marrow, of course now due to "Master-chef and Michelin restaurants" bone marrow is de rigeur, and sought after, of course its unctuous and sticky tasty meaty quality is a treat. Of course 200 years ago they dinners knew this and hence why silversmiths made specialist tools, hence a marrow spoon for the exact purpose of getting to the tasty bone marrow inside larger bones from particularity sheep and cows.

Marrow spoon a collectible item in their own right search Piers Rankin, Mark Thomas, Bullionaire Jewellery and Midas to see examples on www.topbananaantiques.com

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