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What does Victorian jewellery mean

September 07, 2022

What does Victorian jewellery mean

Be assured it all means something, every flower, every animal every coloured stone.

The meaning of flowers a tomb in its own right, yellow roses for friendship, violets for love, forget-me-not's for remembrance etc

Snakes were a symbol of love like so many things made popular by Prince Albert. The item opposite, snake for love and fidelity, shamrocks for love, pearls for purity contained inside heart shaped mussel shell to be kept safe. Swallows for for remembrance, blue birds for love.

If you look closely you will see all sorts of things like a wish bone with a sprig of lucky heather on it or a horseshoe with with a nail for luck and marriage etc. A crescent for marriage i.e. new beginnings, horseshoe nail for marriage and so on.

Stones have their own meanings too will go into these more in a further blog.

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