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We need to watch appathy doesnt get the better of us in Great Britain

March 30, 2024

We need to watch appathy doesnt get the better of us in Great Britain

We in Great Britain have always loved and cherished vintage old and antique items, have cooed and cooed in National Trust houses and museums. Revealed in the fact that grannie had one just like this and as adult collectors avidly sought to buy the best toy car that we could never afford as children.

Collectors and dealers have driven the trade for generations, now we have the new rock stars, decorative dealers with trendy clothes and trendy names, mixing mid century with regency with a large statement picture of oranges too boot.

The interior designer often with little idea of what an antique is are driving the business making a room or house fit a look. Now perhaps like the item pictured many antiques are obsolete. However I am sure a clever person could make a lamp add to a trendy bar even make into a soda siphon the options are endless.

Its vitally imperative that we don't forget to love antiques and vintage for their intrinsic worth rather than their financial worth, and continue to add them into our lives and homes, giving us a unique look to our homes, note bien Laura Ashley, Habitat, Pottery Barn, and the online stores like Wayfair, all have a carefully curated look that stems from antique and vintage items.

Of course takes a little bit more time and skill to search out physical antiques, but actually hunting boot sales, fairs markets and antiques centres and shops if fun, and much can be original sourced via internet searches to find who has the sort of things you like.

Encorporating antiques into ones life is vital.

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