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We in the antiques trade tend to have certain names for items

June 12, 2022

We in the antiques trade tend to have certain names for items

This a Charlisim, in most circles know as a lighthouse with lighthouse-man. In Charlies world an elf in a tower. However whilst amusing its important for our listers to get the right titles down, correctly, as unless you are searching for an elf in a tower you will never find this lighthouse.

The trade is full of buzz words like cordite carrier for leather buckets with army crests on. Whitby, for Whitby Jet from the north east. Canterbury for a magazine rack, Davenport for small ladies desk with drawers etc etc.

So it helps both buyer and seller if we avoid Charlisims and try and use same language. As a thingy or what-yo-umay-call-it doesn't work well on search engines, anyway makes you laugh and no doubt scroll through website there will be plenty more Victorian c1820, 18th century for an item from the 1820 to name but a few, be assured trying to correct errors as soon as we can, and actually good old Charlie does a really good job on the whole.

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