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We have thrived the last 20 years not survived

August 10, 2022

We have thrived the last 20 years not survived

Over the last 20 years most antiques centres have come and gone certainly in Tetbury this is the case.

Why are we approaching our 20 birthday? I guess 2 four letter words often deemed dirty words "Work" and "Cash". First one pretty obvious last, we spend our hard earned cash on good stock, good staff, we have always paid well over our competition and spent on our shop fixtures and fittings and website.

During lockdown we invested in new staff, new website, and got restoring and presenting shop for the new season and opportunities that being free of lockdown presented and gave us.

We really are looking forward to our next 20 years owner is 50, a mere babe compared to some of our dealers and of course now we have some young fit and go getting staff and standholders all in their twenties.

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