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We have terrets

March 01, 2021

We have terrets

Terrets are the decorative head plumes made for dyed horse hair and brass that go on the top and shoulders of leather shire horse harness.

Our regular readers of blogs and tweets might think we suffer from the other form. However all we can say, we watch what makes it work and work well for our dealers, when visiting other shops we learn what irritates causes delay and aggravation.  

Perhaps our dealers in the shop, may not always appreciate our input but if they are failing or messing up whilst others thrive, it may well benefit them to listen watch and learn.

Antiques business is like falling off a log easy peasy if you do it the correct way, a lot of pointless hard work if not. The rumour goes around the fair circuit that wonga wonga antiques fair was really good, dealers pour in like blind lemmings to fine that the crock at the end of rainbow, sold out last week, wonder why there are several hundred pounds poorer and done 4 days for for a 2 day fair for nothing.

Similarly with our shop, if you bring regular fresh antiques in sensibly priced, it will sell if you come in with lovely stock but overpriced and abandon it nothing much will happen. Website is exactly the same work it, work it hard it, will produce. Leave it will dull dead stock it will wither away.

We are creatures of habit and experience if we have had a decent buy from Fred in room 60, we go back to Fred and Fred if he can produce the goods will flourish.

The last year has been a fascination, bear in mind closed for over 6 months of last year and yet various dealers in Top Banana Antiques have thrived. Why because they kept buying kept restocking kept at it, get on that phone go and see Fred bring some fresh blood into the system and see sales generate, via click & collect and  

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