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Vintage seems to be the buzz word, we prefer the word Antique

January 07, 2022

Vintage seems to be the buzz word, we prefer the word Antique

Not that's there is anything wrong with vintage, in fact all for it, but in my opinion should generally be 20 years old or so rather than just second hand. Yes we do sell some millennium items but mostly in silver and gold so have some intrinsic value.

We @topbananaantiques love young dealers and some vintage and even designer lamps, coffee tables etc.

It seems to me that vintage is often an excuse for selling any old macaroni, we love antiques proper antiques, doesn't mean they have to expensive or even terribly high brow, you can get some really great antiques for next to nothing, our range at present is £1 to £3500, we sold our most expensive lot over Christmas at £8500 for a centre table.

But I do find it interesting that some centres market themselves firstly as Vintage and lastly as Antique, finding antiques takes effort as does keeping up the quality and not allowing repro to slip in a constant battle. That's the benefit of having knowledgeable antiques dealers running our shop.

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