Vienna or cold painted bronze

February 21, 2022

Vienna or cold painted bronze

Franz Bergman from Vienna, Austria, invented the process of finely detailed cast bronze with the details then highlighted in enamel paint, really being able to give a fantastically true to life feel to his bronzes.

Often subject of the time such as pick a ninnies and Arab men selling nude girls hidden within rugs etc. Sometimes life size I have had chickens and cockatoo full size. Bands of foxes, piggies, frogs etc. Sometimes slightly rude especially for the time but often nude girls hidden behind a large innocuous owl or behind a rug or similar. Often the items would form centre pieces for flowers or even desk items such as letter clips.

Coming with the Mark Bergman or the simple "B" mark in a shield, and often figures sorry tiny little bigger than 2 grains of rice and lovely and charming genre to collect dating c1890 to 1930.

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