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Valentine's of Yesteryear Today

January 23, 2018

Valentine's of Yesteryear Today

The phrase 'Love Never Dies' was especially true in times of great trial. A hundred years ago the first world war was still raging, and just the same as in peacetime loved ones were sent messages of hope and love with tokens of affection.  Small Sweetheart' cushions with embroidered decoration were a favorite to send to the front to remind the boys that someone was waiting at home.

As ever various kinds of jewellery were particularly symbolic, the brooch in our main picture has  a particularly touching meaning, the Swallow is saying -  'I will return'.

At the beginning of the 20th century, symbolism was understood and used much more than today, however everyone still understands what the forget-me-not flower in the design of a brooch means, again it is poignant to remember that the name for the flower is the same in German.

Today we can still enjoy the tokens of love and affection of past years and although they are no longer with the people that they were original given to, they can still be given with all the meaning that they originally had and enjoyed once again.




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