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Using Antiques For Investments

July 04, 2020

Using Antiques For Investments

Investments are pretty dull, and I have noticed over the years it's always due to an "R" in the month or full moon, Brexit, Covid-19 , black cat crossing one's path why just when you're paper investments flourish they tumble. I notice the fund managers still get there 1.5 % and you're pension companies have bigger and bigger offices !

All antiques are not great investments, some are! For definite. But like any investments a time to buy ,a time to hold ,a time to sell. Top banana antiques recommends you use and enjoy you're antiques, even or especially you're period wine glass cost form 10gbp to 850 for a Jacobite c1740 one but use and enjoy, guaranteed you'll make money on some , 100%. You save money on buying new furniture, I have had residential tenants perhaps who can least afford to waste money bin one Swedish cupboard whilst moving in the almost identical one only to be thrown away 2 years down the line , guaranteed our goods will be solid wood , last and have lasted sometimes 400 years ( NOTE WE SOLD AN 17TH CENTURY c1640 OAK BLANKET BOX FOR 150  gbp the other day).

We sell lots of good looking useful worth the money items chest of drawers etc for 100 to 350 gbp period Georgian useful and quality we do have really good ones too sold a Chippendale type one c1760 last week for 1000 gbp a bargain , fabulous colour and great timber too . Have you noticed the high street ,whats left of it , often sells copies of what we sell , ie distressed painted goods or mirrors in aged gilded frames etc , we have the real McCoy for a fraction of the cost.

So as i could go on for ever antiques are really usable actually to fit well even into blank modern homes , we sell a 1920s oak shelf for 50 to 150 gbp same on the telly 300 gbp plus of course they give you credit but your shelf in 2 years time worth 50 gbp maybe unless you sell at public auction and then possibly may make a tenner , guarantee your top banana shelf worth about what you paid and if you bought a good period one in good order highly likely more

Brown is not out, I fear newly painted will be , there is a very pertinent place for upcycled items we have a bit , repurposed makes sense especially for dowdy dull items that need a new lease of life , these are not for investment , they are like your flares or your rah rah skirt fashion items to be used enjoyed and then maybe again recycled. If investing enjoy your items , a lot more fun than a bit of paper and the people associated are 10000 times more fun , the hunting , searching and shopping all major part of the fun !

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