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September 01, 2020


I guess clue is in the title TREEN i.e. collective noun for wooden items, often but not exclusively for dailey use such as candlesticks, turned bowls, spoons, sieves, so often these items get a fantastic patina built up by constant repetitive touching and use.

Treen ideally should look and more importantly look and feel as if it been used, colour is all important, and often items such as domestic items can be alot older than one thinks, as if kept away from damp can last along time, even with hard daily use.

So ideally you should buy items with great patina, unsplit & unchipped, woodworm can be an issue, oaks tend not to get woodworm, some wooodworm not an issue, but ideally to a minimum certain woods such as elm tend to attract the little devils, if discovered best use a chemical injected into holes or deep freeze can also kill them, if you see tell tale signs of fresh fine flour like dust this means they are munching away so you need to sort straightaway.

Dont be afraid to polish item with wax polish but avoid a chemical or spray polish as these add shine but risk stripping the patina.

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