July 27, 2016

Some people may be confused as to what Treen actually is.  Treen is defined as any small handmade object made of wood, usually turned or carved in some way.  This is a very broad area and can include anything from carved wooden snuff boxes to wooden statues.

Probably the most famous example of Treen is Black Forest items.  These are handmade wooden objects, normally hand carved, from the Black Forest region of Germany.  The type of items can vary enormously, although Bears and other animals are common subjects.  At Top Banana we have several examples of Black Forest items some of which are on our website.

If you are looking for items which come
 from closer to home we have several examples of 'Mouseman' pieces.  Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson was a carpenter, designer and furniture maker who always "signed" his work by carving a small mouse somewhere on his work, hence his name.  His family still own the business today and still produce quality work to his designs.

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