To list or not to list -maybe the question is what to list

November 01, 2020

To list or not to list -maybe the question is what to list

I suspect that most antiques centers do not list online for there dealers for 3 reason, 1 it costs a lot in money & fees, 2 it takes time and often hassle, 3 you have to be attentive to what you're doing, factual and diligent sorting delivery packing etc.

However we don't mind work in fact we don't mind working hard, last time in lockdown did 50 % turnover, due to raising the bar we will have to push hard now as we have been so busy over the last 4.5 months. We aim for more this time recently we have shipped successfully many large items, particularly mirrors & pictures.

We are going to list across the range this time, so all our dealers get a bite at the website cherry.

Our new website has been open 6 months now sales have been steadily growing, shops well stocked and our dealer will deliver and bring new stock in most days, several approx. 6 came today, Sunday. We are on the case and listing as well as dealing with a busy shop today, we expect it to be full on for next 3 days. 

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