Tinder - strike right not swipe right

January 27, 2023

Tinder - strike right not swipe right

Tinder as you guessed not a match in sight, a tinder box was a means to light a fire by using a flint to strike a metal pan to ignite the tinder, a highly combustible material such as sheep's wool or similar.

In this case it made in shape of a flintlock pistol, with a go to bed candle stick. Before electric or oil lights these were used as a means of having effectively a torch to light your way to bed, last thing at night.

These are rare, we are luckily we have a highly active dealer who has been collecting for years and has steadily managed to find these and give them to us to sell, one went on website only last night and more often or not go to the USA, a real part of our past history, interesting conversation item.

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