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Time is free but priceless

July 28, 2022

Time is free but priceless

Apparently this quote is from Buddha, however whichever sagacious person thought of it, never a truer word was said.

This is where we score, we offer a lot in one place, better than that though we offer a lot of affordable items in one place somewhere the trade buy too.

Often you will find 3 identical antique items at three different prices creating our own internal competition, as managers of the shop do not influences dealers prices, we do however keep repro to an absolute minimum aiming for 100 % zero.

Let alone our website, where approx 70% of shop items are listed there more added daily giving you an idea of what about, of course its the fresh goods that turn over super fast so regular visits work best, we also have a level playing field where so many places have good tucked away for regulars or they have sent emails to so and so, we do not do this as this gives our clients a fair crack at whats about all the time and therefore can buy many items at the same time.

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