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Time for Tea

October 20, 2017

Time for Tea

The taking of Tea has long been a British institution, so much so that in firm preferences are held as to which kind of Tea a person favours, or even (if it is Indian, aka 'builders' tea) if you should put the milk in first or after the tea is poured !

One thing that has had a revival in later years is the use of loose leaf tea as opposed to tea bags, which means that we can once again use the elegant Caddy Spoons and Tea Strainers that our Grandparents used.

The arrival of tea in Britain made necessary the use of a regular measure of tea per cup, hence the very useful Caddy Spoon came into being, along with the Tea Strainer.  At first only for use by the lady of the house to prepare the precious and expensive new beverage for her guests.

Silversmiths began to produce the most beautiful designs for these items, as well as the elegantly simple.  The spoons and strainers combine to make an absorbing collecting subject, with pieces that can be an investment but also useful and good to look at.

One of the earliest Caddy Spoons we have at Top Banana, and is pictured here, is a silver one that was made in London in 1808, probably by Elizabeth Morley.

So if you are stuck for a present for a tea drinker why not come along and have a look at the many tea related items we have here.


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