Those who get it, get it, those who dont dont

July 16, 2022

Those who get it, get it, those who dont dont

Recently we have undertaken a road trip in Scotland first for nearly 25 years, several things I have noticed, one the food is so much better, two the roads are really empty, and three many really nice things are on offer in the shops.

Good quality and well made items such as tartan scarves, tweed and many great crafted wood items, but these items are beyond expensive, as stated many times before today's craftsman need wages that in the past were no paid or required. A fantastic large antique wooden bowl with patina and age can be brought for a fraction of cost of a new one.

My Harris Tweed vintage jacket cost £50 from top banana antiques 52" chest a small size for a size 8 girl £300 new, if you went down the furniture root you wouldn't do a drawer for the cost, of a whole new item. Silver smith if hand done, bespoke again antiques will win hands down everytime.

I essence antiques offer good value time and time again and normally far better quality, particularly in glass and pottery and china. Just think on the cost of this lace collar £40 free post worldwide see how much you can make for £40.

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