Those who get it actually are doing very well

November 05, 2022

Those who get it actually are doing very well

Keeping their heads down and their mouth closed, I promise you as an old client of our said. "There is nothing hard about this game all you have to do is.......... buy nice things and put a bit on".

Many antiques are not vogue like they used to be, but they will sell at the right price and they do sell too. At present day after day we are bombarded by sellers doing us a favour buy offering us goods at top end prices, they try and sell them and come back time after time to accept our offers in turn we quickly sell them allowing clients and dealers alike a good buy with a profit or just very good value.

Cut out the wait , sell now at right money and then we can and actually the whole wheel of business spins and we all move forward.

Tody ladle brought privately now £95 with free post we have several in shop at £400 wonder whose getting it right, well done English Country Antiques consistently selling value antiques.



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