This has proved a great investment

December 06, 2022

This has proved a great investment

As have most thing oriental, this of course is Japanese. There is a massive interest in Islamic arts and middle eastern items too, they do after all have age, reverence quality and style. By reverence I mean things such as Arabic daggers etc, have been revered and loved for generations.

This cabinet a Japanese export lacquer ware made for the European market, when I started in 1978, were brought and sold for £20 to £35, proving that there is a consistent steady return on items, particularly if not fashion led, i.e. fashions come and go. Style, quality and usefulness doesn't.

Matt and Elizabeth Davies are one of our newer dealers however been with us 2 years now, taken on bigger space and a cabinet and actually are doing consistently well, Matt is an actor and regularly can be seen out side the Old Police Station museum dressed as a copper from the 1960s.

It is a pleasure to see these new dealers grown, learn and develop, we are lucky we have 9 dealers under 27 and no doubt will see them flourish.

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