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Things are looking up

May 17, 2021

Things are looking up

We seem to of entered a renaissance, sounds pompous, but we have entered unlike last time we came out of lockdown a steady period of business not whizz bang and fizzle.

Weekends seem consistently good with several good days in the week making up for the odd one or two quiet days.

Most dealers in our shop are doing good steady business, several are doing really well.

The boys are working hard for our dealers, business now has become a constant stream of queries involving pricing for deliveries which often seem to be too pricey yet client are unable to collect and invest their time to collect, unfortunately an item weighing a kilo (2.2lbs) will by time packed well enough to cope with shipping will weight 3.5 kg, let alone 45 mins to pack and of course free packing materials.

We have "free post on most" on our website on items under 10kg, we can easily arrange delivery worldwide but this does cost time and money and please bear in mine carriage cost is only a small part of the cost, as packing and packaging and arranging all cost time.

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