The price is right

August 20, 2022

The price is right

Its been fascinating watching the comings and going at Top Banana Antiques over the last 20 years, we have a several new to the biz people in the shop 3 in particular.

One a collector like so many of us turned dealer, how ever you need to change your mind set you are now not collecting you are dealing so your prices have to show this, to appeal to new owners not just to price high because you like it and its a wrench to sell it.

Another one puts a price on in the shop then sell online or at a fair with all the additional costs for much less. sort of bonkers, shop commission 5% and rent a fraction of the cost of say eBay 22% plus other fees and costs. However this person will face to face do a deal and is keen to get on, and whilst often in love with the goods is keen ultimately to sell and move on.

Lastly someone who has a great usp and is following in the foot steps of a great dealer who loved to sell pilled it high and sold it cheap and was often best seller in our shop. However now puts a lot on tickets for middle of road stuff, then when a buyers in slashes the goods and regularly decides needs a change and slashes all their prices and of course sell like hot cakes.

Can you see the thread here? In my opinion, I have done this for 45 years, sounds if I think I know my stuff not true, but I can see what works best for others. Sell items at correct price or worth the money i.e. a little under so called book or market price (really a guide that's all) and the goods sell, and sell easily, over price and they wont.

In Tetbury we have many shops that buy cheap and sell at crazy high prices often an £800 item in Top Banana, £3000 to £5000. But I assure you they do a fraction of the business we do. Of course many are lifestyle business, where as we all need to make a living. Top Banana Antiques the prices is right come on down.



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