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The main focus to our day is buying and selling antiques

December 01, 2021

The main focus to our day is buying and selling antiques

All dealers collect in fact as collectors we are probably the main purchasers of antiques, as apart from money one needs a knowledge of antiques to particularly buy antiques at higher prices.

Of course all collectors are looking for rarer and rare things to add and enhance their collections.

Personally bar electrical equipment the only new thing in my house is a mattress, and a mate has opened a small antique shop in my village, where I notice the locals well healed as they are seem to be happy to buy a chest of drawers at £300 to £500, and offering him on the whole junk and bric-a-brac to buy from various clear outs, some how not equating the need to replace antiques sold with antiques.

So we spend our days endlessly questing without the aid of an alchemists stone to turn junk into gems or spot the gem at least amongst the unwanted and previously loved.

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