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The Desire Of Perfection Leads Chameleon Keith To Georgian Blue!

October 24, 2019

The Desire Of Perfection Leads Chameleon Keith To Georgian Blue!

Worst thing about being a perfectionist probably is: .....everything you do might look amazing in someone else's eyes but in your heart you're never really satisfied till it's right.......

In our Pretty Market Town Tetbury, Our Mall is a beehive with not only customers from afar but also a popular and for most of our colleagues up the road an almost daily destination and must-do-visit to check on the hourly changing stock! Not surprising that the Talk on the street has been the changing colours In Keith Gormley's room (please read our previous short blog).

The Charcoal grey has been called 'trendy', 'depressing' and 'classy'....

The Turquoise that followed was very popular with the ladies and in their opinion was 'Fresh', 'Powerful' and 'eclectic'....the haters just referred to it as 'different' or didn't comment at all, well at least not verbally but there certainly were some eye and eyebrow movements going on.....

Within a couple of days the turquoise was gone and replaced by this biscuit colour of which the ladies immediately and collectively associated with baby nappies.... need I say more....... It just had to go!

I'm absolutely Thrilled to announce that Keith's desire to do things Right has lead to this stunning new colour: A very Stylish Georgian Blue That makes his Furniture really stand out against and his artifacts, art works and Tribal selection just 'pop'! And the word on the street? Ecstatic!

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