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Staffordshire Flatback figures

February 21, 2024

Staffordshire Flatback figures

Funny enough whilst Staffordshire is a generic term for hollow cast slip molded figures they were actually made in 2 places in Scotland too Bowness on Solway and Portabellow part of Edingburgh not London.

Made by using a slip i.e. a double cream like mix odd china clay and water poured into a mold of 2 halves, swirled around to create an even layer maybe 1.4 of in inch thick and then left to dry.

Then glazed in a simple lead glaze, then finely painted detail in block colours and the highly skilled professionals would then paint the faces flowers and any fine detail then fired again, leaving a durable washable cleanable useable surface.

Made commemorating things of the time as well as animals and famous people events etc.

Why flat back primarily chimney / mantel shelf decoration so need to sit on a thin shelf or mantel ledge.

Why do real staff figures have a hole in the back ? later copies having large holes in base, simple to let steam out when firing a bit like a pie otherwise woudld explode.


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