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Spinach and pine nut pie goes from £2.50 to £4.00 in 6 months in Sainsburys

August 06, 2022

Spinach and pine nut pie goes from £2.50 to £4.00 in 6 months in Sainsburys

A 200 year old, Georgian chest all in good order free running drawers £280, most rents the same for 20 years, so many antiques less than 20 years ago.

No mutter of supply chain issues, cost of sun flower oil, restores costs up, simply antiques are great value.

In fact inside a shop like Top Banana there is active deflation, as often dealers compete to keep their prices competitive.

Its quiet easy if its too dear (expensive) and you don't see the worth don't buy it, I guarantee if so the price will fall, food wise there is so much choice and so many offers if not on offer don't buy it, why would you give an hours wages to buy some butter, someones making on this I doubt if it the cow.

Many businesses are grasping at opportunism to make up lost covid time, the other day had a leak called one plumber £165 + vat call out parts on top, called another no answer, called another could do next week approx £50 call out called another would sort on way home same day, would only charge for time £75 inc bits all done, would the £165 + vat about 198 for an hours work, chap do a better job? 


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