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So Expensive To Start Up In Business

July 28, 2020

So Expensive To Start Up In Business

We currently have a great introductory rental rate on our smaller cabinets.....

For one week only, will can offer you your first 2 months rent at 50% off! That works out at 80 pence a day (£25 per month) for the next two months. Ask around, you'll find our Centre is doing really well, our dealers our happy... but we are always looking for some fresh blood with fresh stock and ideas!

At 80p a day for a cabinet, the most you could loose (and yes people in business often do loose) is £50. After one month notice can be given leaving you another month to sell for free.

NO DEALER HAS EVER TAKEN NOTHING IN OUR SHOP- EVER!  Most of our dealers have been with us years, some 18 plus years.

Final thoughts... yesterday 23/7/20 was our best day this year! Sales were 2.5 times better than our best day so far and 6 times better than our average day (and bear in mind this is July which is traditionally a slow time of the year).

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