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Six figure house

January 11, 2024

Six figure house

Recently a friend of mine brought £1.5 million house, nothing very unusual here most nice house are crazy sums.

However the house, whilst stemming from the 17th century, due to previous owners had the character of a Bovis home. It had been extended and added to made systematically into a brand new house, yes house not home.

Interestingly, they the new owners had made a snug sitting room into a nice cosy interesting room with decorative items and interesting stuff collected over the previous years. So in their psyche somewhere they desired to fill their nest and express themselves rather than the footballer nouveau riche bland white painted mansion. Now they are planning to add style and character back by the addition of selected antique items to make a blank canvas into something special, personal and unique.

Again the garden an acre plot had one tree, no flowers, no borders, no urns even though a big patio, nothing. Now I guarantee, and 100% guarantee 25 to 50 % would of been added to the price and salability of the house if dressed properly, in particular the garden. Literally added life and personality to the house, making it into a home.

Antiques will and do fit in anywhere even in a brand new box, adding instant interest, conversation and statement to any room and in particular the garden. Just to odd bit instantly helps.

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