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Scotland the Brave, Burns Night

January 25, 2018

Scotland the Brave, Burns Night

Tonight is the night to don your kilt, open the whiskey, dish out the haggis and celebrate the Scottish bard Robert Burns.

Where all things Scottish are concerned the are quite a few collecting areas.  Tartan ware is the generic name for boxes, trays, pincushions, and many small useful items in wood and decorated with tartan patterns.

There are many items of jewellery made in the form of thistles, brooches, and especially hat pins were popular. The item below is an exquisite brooch in the form of a small dirk that was worn in the roll at the top of a sock, called in Scots a 'sgiandubh' - pronounced 'ski n do '.


Souvenir ware made in wood, small boxes, paper knives and all kinds of smmal items were decorated with transfer prints of scenes and exported all over the world.  These were made in the small town of Mauchline.  The example of Mauchlineware in our main illustration, depicts Robert Burns' birthplace, and states on the front ' Bought in Burns' Cottage' .

If you are celebrating tonight - Happy Burns Night !


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