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Saving the planet one deal at a time

July 04, 2022

Saving the planet one deal at a time

This is what Top Banana Antiques is doing, that does not mean that our stock is one step from landfill. But we have 1000s of amazing second hand books, some costing over £100 new which i sure would of headed that way.These are great value on great subjects still relevant and useful.

Of course every single item that we sell from a vintage 1980s item through to a George II c1750 table have been by the very nature of it preowned, preloved and now given 2nd, 3rd, 4th lives. Giving access to fine quality workmanship that can not be found today and also fine quality woods and veneers let alone fine patination, and in most cases investment potential and guaranteed your IKEA table will not make 20 years old, and less if you move house, the number of tenant I have recycled for fire wood one IKEA wardrobe to be replaced by another as the furniture cannot cope with been moved and loaded onto vans literally falls apart.

Lastly even an antique in the thousands and actually most of our furniture £20 to £500 is great value there is not way any modern furniture can compete for quality and definitely not on price.

Pictured Georgian chest c1790-1820, £295 good size oak runners so wont wear fine timber genuine antique, please show me what new chest of drawers you can get me for this bargain price. New equivalent would be in excess of £5000 bear in mind all joint hand done and finest timber used.

We have a small 2 over 2 chest at £280 similar age.

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