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June 22, 2024


The answer is simple either your goods are too much or in wrong position and not being seen by right people. 

You rarely see market traders having a sale, in fact most don't price there goods at all! However what they do, is try very hard to sell their items if at all possible and the reason things sell promptly is value and price.

Our suggestion is price correctly first go you wont need a second go let alone a sale. Most people rarely fall for sales and for certain the right goods and right price do not hang around.

Of course ones wants to be hopeful, and great items command a great price. Nothing wrong with that.

None of us like pricing let alone pricing it twice so why not think just for a second before you price, seems to me on "Instagram" everyone's having a "sale" and looking at pictures, can see why.

We have a £5 room at Top Banana Antiques some genuine and great buys to be had there.

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