Recycle to save the planet

August 11, 2021

Recycle to save the planet

Like most of us of a certain age we have been recycling since a child, and now a bit too late most people do.

My grandparents did the same the only thing they threw out was bones for sea gulls after making soup. Tins and glass were placed in the dustbin, all rest before on street recycling went to compost or reused.

Global warming is now here they say 1.5 degree increase in temperature for next 20 years even if we reduce by 5% per annum.

Antiques are the original way to recycle, there is no way most antiques could be produced for the price sold, making great value and great saving for us all especially the planet. You do of course get one items with style uniqueness and quality too.

Most antique furniture couldn't be be made let alone buying the wood for price sold for, think of the trees, the carbon footprint,and sheer effort saved let alone metal for locks and hinges, chemicals for polish etc.

You will have fun too boot and often get a good return on you're investment, particularly if you buy items that are slightly out of fashion at present as they will be better value and will come around to the fore front as all things do.

Let alone vintage clothes where you will be unique and cutting edge top of the pops fashionable. We have 3 girls now selling vintage clothes.

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